Makry-Gialos: A very Special and Friendly place for Beach-Relaxing holidays in the bigest Greek island of CRETE and the sunniest part (the SEastern).


"Be Eleven" New villa for rent in this authentic and aunspoilt part of Crete Island

"Be Eleven" is a new build luxury villa in the Bay View complex. It's large patios and stunning sea & mountain views from the private roof terrace make it perfect for alfresco dining. There are 2 large communal pools with waterfalls, ideal for sunbathing and relaxing. Close to the resort of Makrigialos with its clean,safe beaches and beautiful harbour it is a tranquil base to relax, or explore this unspoiled corner of East Crete
The space

The house consists of two bedrooms, one with a double bed and another with a single bed and a bunk bed. There are two bathrooms with WC, one with bath and one with shower, while a solar system or electricity provides for hot water.
All rooms are fully air-conditioned. WiFi is available.
A TV with internet function (43 ''), with media player and a mini Android-PC-box, are available in the living room, also in the large bedroom a TV (32 ").

You can watch hundreds of channels, play video games or surf the Internet. With the KODI or another app, you can enjoy a live broadcast of your favorite sport.
Guest access
Villa "Be Eleven" is in an area of outstanding beauty ideal for walking.
Summer days awash in brilliant sunlight, swimming in clear water and nights redolent of jasmine and honeysuckle of our gardens.
Our villa benefits from two south facing pools, (childrens as well) with poolside lounges, chairs and tables for comfortable outside living and relaxation.

Right next to the pool is a pergola with a sitting area. On the sea side house face, exist one more pergola with a sitting area too.

There is as well a stone built BBQ and a sitting and sunbathing area in the roof terrase, for more privacy.

There is in the resot also, a small café, where you can drink refreshing drinks, beers or eat something from his kitchen.

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Goodbye Summer, See you next Year 2016.

Is not One Final Goodbye --- but is
See you next year 2016. Ciao - Ciao !
Thank you summer 2015 and especially to all of you
We’re laying off an unforgettable summer, one more we might say.
 This post is mainly to thank all our friends, many repeaters year after year, but also the new ones. Friends and customers from all around the world that claim that South-East Crete is “their place” to spend their summer holidays, and Makry-Gialos Crete, their “special spot”.
 As well thanks to many Greeks and Crete residents that many summer days they choose the beach of Makry-Gialos to spend a lovely beach day and enjoy our gastronomical selections at our Bars, Tavernas and Restaurants.
 Your comments and suggestions are very important for us, both as well as the ones you make on Facebook or on TripAdvisor and even the ones on our Blog. Your comments and suggestions are very important for us to keep improving every day. Because is what really helping us to making our customers happy and make them to want to come back.
 For all of you and for all of them, thank you very much from the whole "Makry-Gialos" "Μακρύ-Γιαλός" business owners.
 Thank you very much and we hope to see you soon!
Summer will be back before we even realize it, and with it we can all enjoy once more at Makry-Gialos . its best.
 See you in summer 2015.
 Thank you!!
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Agios Stéfanos: pictures of 1972

Agios Stéfanos: pictures of 1972: In 1972 two globe trotters visited Makry Gialos and went up in to the mountains to  Agios-Stéfanos.  One American Howard Schrager and a w...

ΜΑΚΡΥ-ΓΙΑΛΟΣ, Κρήτης, Αξίζει να τον επισκευτείτε...

Φτάσαμε και πάλι στον αγαπημένο Μακρύ Γιαλό! Δε ξέρω γιατί, αλλά αυτό το μέρος... έχει κάτι!

Πρώτα από όλα, πολύ ωραίες παραλίες... και δε μιλάμε μόνο για το χωριό του Μακρύ Γιαλού, αλλά και για όλες τις άλλες κοντά σε αυτό...
Ο Μακρύς Γιαλός βρίσκεται στα νότια του νομού Λασιθίου. Οι περισσότεροι το χαρακτηρίζουν ως ένα από τους "οικογενειακούς προορισμούς". Δεν έχει έντονη νυχτερινή ζωή αν ζητάτε κάτι τέτοιο, αν όμως ανήκετε σε αυτούς που τους αρέσουν τα... χαλαρά μέρη σίγουρα θα τον λατρέψετε.
Πολύ περισσότερο βέβαια, αν ψάχνετε μία βάση για να κάνετε τις εξορμήσεις σας στις πολύ όμορφες και κοντινές παραλίες....
Η συνέχεια ΕΔΩ